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Process Creation & Gel Training Schedule

The course comprises 5 sessions, spread over 2 days. This can be adapted depending on attendees' prior experience:

  • Session 1: Standard CA customisation caveats, Process types, Steps, Actions, notifications
  • Session 2: Process flow, divergences & convergences, sub-processes
  • Session 3: Introduction to GEL scripting, stand-alone scripting, available TAG libraries
  • Session 4: Using GEL in process steps
  • Session 5: GEL lab

Use the links below to view sample session Traceability Concepts programme.

On-site or in-house (Manchester) depending on numbers.

The course requires familiarity with SQL (either Oracle or SQL Server dialects), and with Clarity navigation.

The course comprises 5 sessions, with breaks, and also longer breaks for lunch. Depending on progress, a 9am start thus implies a finish between 5pm and 6pm and attendees should plan their travel accordingly.

To discuss your requirements or to find out more about our Clarity Training courses please contact us directly.

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